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The ultimate kitchen cleaning plan that will leave it absolutely gleaming

We all strive to keep our kitchen cleaning and tidy on a regular basis, but doing a deep clean once spring hits is a must. If you’re not sure where to start, Charles the Butler has the ultimate step-by-step plan to give your kitchen a good deep clean. 


  1. Make sure you have counter space to pull everything out.
  2. Have a sink with hot water, soap etc. to wash the inside of the refrigerator and then also all of the shelves.
  3. You need a place for the shelves etc. to dry
  4. Make sure you have supplies to disinfect the refrigerator. Keep in mind that vinegar is not a disinfectant, it reduces bacteria, but it does not disinfect.
  5. Once the refrigerator has been cleaned and disinfected, put it back together.
  6. All items should be wiped down and dates checked before they are put back.


  1. Pull the stove apart and start soaking what needs to be soaked.
  2. Spray the inside of the oven, either with a baking soda paste or chemical of your choice.
  3. Wash the entire appliance with warm water and a cream cleanser. Don’t forget to get the outside!


  1. Wipe down the door gasket and make sure it’s clean.
  2. Check the filter at the bottom and see if it needs to be washed. If so, used hot water and soap. 
  3. Run a dishwashing cycle with calcium remover if needed in your area.
  4. Run a dishwashing cycle with vinegar to help clean it out.


  1. Pull things out of cupboards and get rid of stuff you don’t ever use or need. Do you really use all those plastic containers?
  2. Wash inside of cupboards with warm water and a bit of dish soap in pail, the inside is not really dirty, but dusty and just needs a good wipe down.
  3. Wipe items down or run them through the dishwasher as needed.
  4. Put things back in categories like bakeware together, storage containers together, glasses, dishes etc.
  5. Keep in mind things you use often should be easy to access but things that you only use one a year (like a turkey roasting pan for Thanksgiving) can go in difficult to access spaces or maybe in another room if you don’t have space like your garage, basement, guest bedroom closet.
  6. Go through all of the food you pulled out, and get rid of anything that is expired.
  7. Wipe down all containers from the cupboards.
  8. Put things back in categories like all condiments, baking, flour, spices etc.
  9. Vacuum top of all cupboards. If you have items up there, they will need to be washed as well.
  10. Wipe down the outside of the cupboards with warm water and soap, and rinse.


  1. Remove all dishes and leftover food and rise with water.
  2. Start to wash out the sink using baking soda if needed.
  3. Use hot water and rinse.
  4. Dry with a hand towel and rise the surrounding area.


  1. Sweep or vacuum floors to get all dust and debris off the floor.
  2. Wash floor with hot water and soap, move furniture as needed to do this.
  3. Rinse floor with hot water and let dry before walking on it again. 

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