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The Ultimate Guide On Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

The question most asked by people about professional carpet cleaning, is how long it takes for their carpets to dry.  They seem to have heard horror stories about getting cheap carpet cleaning services that leave carpets damp for several days. But usually this problem is due to application of the wrong carpet cleaning technique. When steam cleaning is done properly, the carpet should be completely dry within 24 hours.

Carpet drying time varies according to the condition and type of the carpet. Some carpets have different textures and fibers so it will take a lot longer. Heavily soiled and deep plush carpets will always take longer to dry. Wool carpet absorbs more water than synthetic carpets. On the other hand, nylon, a synthetic material, absorbs almost no water so the water remains on the surface, making it feel wetter to the touch.

The amount of soil in the carpet also determines the time needed to dry. If it is too dirty and saturated with soil, then it will require more effort and liquid to break the soil loose.

Another thing to consider is the humidity and temperature of the room. With humid conditions or on cold days, it could take significantly longer to dry. Air movement is restricted hence evaporation is slower. This is due to the air containing much more water than the usual which slows down and resists absorption of moisture. Warm air, on the other hand, moves more quickly and causes evaporation to be faster, such as a occurs with a hair dryer. Hot, dry air dries your hair faster than cold air. Since we are on the topic of hair, we can also say that as longer hair dries more slowly than short hair, a shaggy carpet will require more drying time than low pile carpet.

The methodology used also plays a great role in determining if carpets will dry faster. Low moisture methods such as encapsulation are used by some carpet cleaning companies. Since less water is used, then it will also take shorter time to dry. However, encapsulation only works well on lightly soiled carpets and not on heavily soiled carpets. It is also not effective against urine, vomit, and pet accidents. Improper equipment can also affect the time it takes for the carpets to dry. Deep cleaning truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are far more expensive than regular cleaning machines but are much more efficient at removing moisture. For example, AJS Carpet Cleaning Provouses truck mounted equipment that is ten times more powerful than rented carpet machines.

Our carpet cleaning system uses top of the line technology that is designed to extract the most moisture possible. Our cleaning wands have a visual indicator that tells us how much water is passing through, so we can determine if we have extracted all of the remaining water. You may also request air movers or blowers to accelerate drying and reduce waiting time.

AJS Carpet Cleaning Provo will do everything necessary to make sure the carpets will be thoroughly clean and as dry as possible before they leave your residence.

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