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Dr. Saba says he sees an appalling peril previously emerging as maids services winds up not only worthy, yet in addition an answer for asset tied medicinal services frameworks. He goes to gatherings, he says, where “cold administration” of patient cases is talked about between specialists, medical caretakers and emergency clinic chairmen. What’s implied is excusing the general human services dollars spent on patient consideration.

“It’s utilized constantly. They state, ‘We just have a lot of cash, we need to set a point of confinement, nothing more will be tolerated, we don’t do the examination to discover the treatment fundamental for the patient.’ That’s as of now there. I’ve been in a gathering where that has been raised in a solid manner. Doctors who have gone too far that profited the patient yet utilized such a large number of assets have been told their benefits will be pulled back.”

Saba’s worries are not really his alone. In late May, Quebec’s Collège des Médicins, which worked steadily with the common wellbeing service to embrace the area’s very own helped passing on enactment in front of the new government law, sounded a surprising cautioning note.

In a distributed letter to Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, Collège President Dr. Charles Bernard communicated genuine worry that patients are “picking” medicinal help with biting the dust absolutely on the grounds that their inclination for palliative consideration isn’t accessible.

“Part of the arrangement can’t be restricted basically to therapeutic guide in kicking the bucket,” Dr. Bernard wrote in French that was strategic bureaucratic however left no uncertainty about his desperation. “That choice looks bad, from a therapeutic perspective, except if it is a piece of a strong and complete arrangement of palliative consideration in Quebec.”

Common foot-delaying plans to extend palliative consideration benefits considerably is really denying patients the decision that was guaranteed in the move to maids services and making it progressively tricky to observe which patients genuinely needed to have a specialist intentionally end their life, Dr. Bernard cautioned.

“In certain distinguished cases, patients, for the absence of (palliative) care, may have had no real option except to request restorative guide in kicking the bucket to end their days ‘in pride,’ which profoundly concerns us,” the Collège president told the priest.

More awful, he included, the Collège has been hearing expanding worries from its part specialists about re-bearing of effectively rare assets from palliative consideration to Medical Aid in Dying, which dangers an infringement of both the letter and the soul of Quebec’s law administering part of the bargain.

For Dr. Paul Saba, those words are vindication for the contention he and huge numbers of his therapeutic associates started making well before the government or Quebec laws were on the books. To be sure, Saba says, the feelings of trepidation being communicated by the Collège were anticipated by rivals of MAiD that once permitted, it would change the very idea of drug in Canada and Quebec.

“The entire wellbeing worldview has been flipped around,” Dr. Saba says. “We’ve flipped around prescription. We’re never again taking a gander at treating, easing indications, at relieving. We’re seeing taking individuals’ lives.”

Indeed, even as submitted and vocal a defender of MaiD as Nova Scotia law Professor Jocelyn Downie as of late recognized that Bill C-14 has “prompted disarray” and been a wellspring of “caution” on account of its misty language.

A segment Downie composed mutually with University of Ottawa law Professor Jennifer Chandler, and which was distributed as an opinion piece in the April 24 Halifax Chronicle Herald, said the Liberal government was cautioned before the enactment was passed that the expression “sensibly predictable” demise is restoratively negligible.

The law educators note that Monica Branigan, seat of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians, told the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights that: “‘Reasonably predictable’ does not have a medicinal significance since it is sensibly predictable that we will all bite the dust.”

Last February, the “astounding” and “new” language in C-14 constrained Nova Scotia’s College of Physicians to correct its own proficient standard with respect to medicinal help with biting the dust to attempt to explain what the government law requires. The College received the finding of the Ontario Superior Court’s AB choice in proclaiming that “common demise need not be approaching, and what is sensibly predictable is an individual explicit medicinal inquiry… the doctor need not opine about the particular time span the individual mentioning therapeutic help with kicking the bucket has staying in their lifetime.”

Downie and Chandler encourage the commonplace and regional administrative bodies for medicinal services suppliers to pursue Nova Scotia’s lead and receive comparative language which, they contend, will both explain the government law and extend it to cover conditions where there’s critical uncertainty about MAiD’s legitimateness.

“For instance, when a paraplegic patient chooses to deny the healthy skin and changing of positions required to avert bedsores and afterward anti-microbials to treat the diseases that will unavoidably result… or when a patient with different sclerosis declines nourishment and fluids,” they compose.

They likewise note that somebody determined to have Huntington’s Disease could choose 20 years ahead that the anticipation for death makes it sensibly predictable.

“Clearly, they won’t meet all the qualification criteria for MAiD upon the arrival of analysis. For instance, their decrease in ability won’t yet be progressed and their enduring not yet suffering and insufferable. Be that as it may, they will have a serious condition and their normal passing will have turned out to be sensibly predictable.”

For Alex Schadenberg, official executive of the Ontario-based Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, such explanations are essentially a method for saying in various words what Bill C-14 was planned to do from the start. Schadenberg, who has been pursuing the battle against sanctioned therapeutic passing for very nearly 20 years, says the enactment’s disarrays, ambiguities and vulnerabilities are highlights, not bugs.

“The law is intended to extend after some time,” Schadenberg says. “I don’t prefer to state that since I wish it wasn’t valid. Be that as it may, it’s actually what’s going on. It utilizes language you can’t characterize, and that was deliberate.”

For instance, Schadenberg focuses to an early form of the bill, which required a 15-day hanging tight period between a solicitation for MAiD and its organization. Afterward, the holding up period was sliced to 10 days.

“In any case, at that point it says a specialist can defer the 10-day holding up period. Along these lines, truth be told, there’s no holding up period. It says there must be physical or mental anguish, yet that is restricted to your demise being sensibly predictable, correct? That implies you can’t have it for mental enduring alone. Or on the other hand does it imply that? Who knows?”

He calls attention to that the Netherlands pushed the development of killing to incorporate mental conditions, including the longing for suicide. In the event that somebody was esteemed self-destructive, they qualified for willful extermination since they were going to bite the dust at any rate.

“That is the means by which it will wind up here in light of the fact that the law is intended to have no restrictions. It’s simply a question of time.”

Schadenberg is forcefully reproachful of the media for neglecting to investigate the medicinally helped biting the dust story all the more stringently. He accuses that disappointment, as much as the Harper government’s foot hauling or the Supreme Court’s due date, for the terrified push to get C-14 through Parliament. He takes note of that in 2010, half of Canadians surveyed voiced worry that willful extermination would be mishandled.

After five years, the Supreme Court ruled it must be permitted. Eighteen months from that point forward, in 2016, it was made the rule that everyone must follow. Surveys demonstrated that by then a solid dominant part of Canadians invited it with couple of reservations. Servant for kids, for instance, is off the table in any event for the time being. The speed of progress was no mishap, Schadenberg says.

“‘Sensibly predictable’ does not have a medicinal significance since it is sensibly predictable that we will all bite the dust.” – Monica Branigan

“There was every one of these accounts of individuals who were enduring, and they were the reason we expected to continue ahead with this willful extermination bill rapidly. We were immersed, and you get to a tipping point where it just appears to be irrational to stay restricted. We were adapted by gathering think to acknowledge the idea of willful extermination. When (the Liberals) made a move to legitimize it, and after that delivered a bill with language like (C-14), for what reason would there be any inquiry of opposition?”

Despite the fact that he keeps on working for willful extermination anticipation, and has started building up his own documentaries to sidestep the media and get the message out, Schadenberg battles with negativity about turning back the helped biting the dust tide. He thinks social pushback is conceivable yet observes ground being lost in an undeniable wellspring of obstruction, for example, palliative consideration.

“The fight over palliative consideration is a genuine fight in light of the fact that the opposite side has penetrated it and there’s weight being put on (palliative consideration) doctors to allude (patients for MAiD). On the off chance that a palliative specialist says ‘I’m not taking an interest in any capacity whatsoever, yet they’re compelled to allude, at that point palliative consideration is anything but a protected spot either.”

In Langley, B.C., businessman Tamara Jansen suddenly wound up in an incredible battle prior this year decisively over keeping palliative consideration safe and MAiD free. Jansen’s family masterminded last Christmas to work with a neighborhood hospice on an effective raising support occasion yet were stunned to learn after the special seasons that it would give therapeutically helped biting the dust to patients. A telephone call to tell the hospice future raising support adventures wouldn’t be workable for an office offering MAiD was met with a request for assistance to stop it, she says.

“The woman I talked with stated, ‘You have to begin calling the papers. You have to tell individuals we�

maid services


CraftJack is not normal for some other lead age organization. We offer unique limits for calling rapidly, allocate every single maid services or cleaning star a committed record chief, credit geniuses for terrible telephone numbers and a whole lot more. With everything taken into account, these advantages don’t just diminish your cleaning lead cost, yet in addition increment your chances of winning the activity.


Regardless of what industry you’re in, lead age is about speed and consistency. The quicker you call that mortgage holder hoping to clean their floors or set up a house available to be purchased, the better possibility you have at winning the activity. In that capacity, CraftJack enacted a speed-to-call markdown years prior. All CraftJack cleaning stars who call a lead inside 30 minutes of getting that lead get a 20% markdown on that lead. You’re setting aside cash, yet in addition helping yourself close the arrangement. Indeed, as of January 2018, CraftJack contractual workers have spared over $1.64 Million by means of our speed-to-call markdown.

Furthermore, we have home improvement and administration proficient information to demonstrate calling quicker works. Cleaning experts who react to leads inside the primary moment can improve change as much as 391%. Besides, 88% of changed over leads are reached in the initial 24 hours. Obviously, speed matters and you won’t discover a speed-to-call rebate with some other online lead age organization.

Business LEADS

Since our commencement in 2011, CraftJack has exclusively centered around private leads. While the private home improvement market keeps on developing, so too does the business advertise. Along these lines, CraftJack chose all was good and well to begin offering business leads over all of our administration classifications, including cleaning.

On the off chance that you don’t chip away at business ventures, you are obviously allowed to pursue just private cleaning leads.


We appoint each CraftJack contractual worker a committed record chief. That implies each time you call CraftJack, you’ll converse with your record chief who knows your record, knows your calendar and comprehends what tips and deceives you can use to close all the more cleaning occupations.

In the event that you pick a bigger lead age organization, don’t expect committed record chiefs. You’ll in all probability converse with an alternate supervisor each time you call.


Property holders need decisions. Property holders trust different mortgage holders. In that capacity, when settling on numerous temporary workers, they will consistently take a gander at your audits. Luckily, all CraftJack cleaning aces can get free surveys.

When you get a lead, you can demand an audit in your CraftJack Lead Manager. When you do, an email will be sent to that mortgage holder immediately. On the off chance that they oblige, that survey will appear on your profile and ideally, urge future property holders to pick you over another cleaning organization.


Regardless of tip top innovation, awful telephone numbers can become lost despite a general sense of vigilance. In the event that you get a lead with a phony number or wind up conversing with a leaseholder, we will credit you back for that individual lead. Indeed, you can even demand a credit by means of your CraftJack profile while never calling your record director.


CraftJack works two sites called Local Maid Quotes and ImproveNet. On ImproveNet, we compose and research cleaning expenses and articles. Inevitably, numerous mortgage holders search out a master to finish their next cleaning venture. When they begin our cleaning task structure, we begin gathering data to guarantee we associate you with mortgage holders you need to be associated with. All things considered, you ought to never get a lead for an administration you don’t give or a lead outside your administration zone.

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How to Start a Cleaning Business

Editor’s note: This article was excerpted from our Cleaning Service start-up guide, available from Entrepreneur Bookstore.

If it can get dirty, chances are someone will be willing to pay you to clean it.

And that’s why few industries can claim the variety and depth of opportunities that professional cleaning can.

What’s Inside
Target Market
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The cleaning industry has two primary market groups: consumer and commercial. The consumer arena consists primarily of residential maids service, along with carpet cleaners, window cleaners and a variety of other cleaning services required on a less-frequent basis. The commercial arena is dominated by janitorial services, which typically provide a wider range of services than maids service, along with other cleaning companies, such as carpet and window cleaners that target businesses rather than individual consumers. While it’s recommended that you decide on a niche and concentrate on building a business that will serve your chosen market, it’s entirely realistic to expect to be able to serve multiple markets successfully.

Before you leap into the cleaning business, it’s important to look at it with 20/20 vision. Though technology has certainly had an impact on cleaning services, this is not a high-tech business. Nor is there any glitz to it. And there will be times when you’ll have as much trouble as Rodney Dangerfield getting respect.

But the upside is that you can build an extremely profitable business that will generate revenue very quickly. Most cleaning service businesses can be operated on either a part-time or full-time basis, either from home or from a commercial location. That flexibility gives this industry a strong appeal to a wide range of people with a variety of goals.

Another positive aspect of the industry is that within each category of cleaning businesses are market niches and operating styles that vary tremendously. Salt Lake City janitorial service owner Michael R. says, “We offer a wide range of services to a very limited clientele. We have refined our customer base to a group that we feel we can best serve in a way that will allow us to maintain those customers permanently.”

This means you can build a company that suits your individual style and talents. If you like doing the work yourself, you can stay small and do so. If your skills are more administrative in nature, you can build and manage teams to do the work. For people who like working outside, the opportunities in service areas such as window cleaning and pressure washing are abundant. Residential maids service offer fairly predictable hours; disaster restoration and cleanup can mean calls at all hours of the day or night.

Few industries offer this tremendous range of choices and opportunities, and the need for general and niche cleaning is expected to increase in the future.

Do You Have What It Takes?
The necessary qualifications depend, of course, on the type of cleaning service you decide to start. But for any type of service business, you need a determination to make the business work, a willingness to please the customer and the dedication to provide a thorough cleaning job.

Another critical requirement for the owner and the employees of any type of cleaning service is honesty. “Clients must have total trust in the people who come to clean their homes,” says Fenna O, who owns a maid service in Orlando, Florida. This is important whether they’re cleaning bathrooms every week or carpets twice a year–or dusting and vacuuming an office at night.

A maid service is probably the simplest business in terms of necessary cleaning skills. Janitorial services, carpet cleaning businesses and other niche cleaning operations often require the use of special equipment and/or cleaning solutions for which you must be trained.

Beyond actually being able to do the work, a cleaning service operator needs some basic business skills. You need to understand the administrative requirements of running a company, you should be able to manage your time efficiently, and you must be able to build relationships with your employees and your customers.

Franchise or Independent Operation?
That franchises will work closely with you as you start your business and take it to the point where it is running smoothly and profitability is an advantage, especially in the beginning. But you may find that once you become established and are financially secure, a franchise agreement is a decided disadvantage.

For people who want to own their own business but would rather choose an opportunity that has proven successful for many others rather than gambling on developing their own system, a franchise is the way to go. Also, most franchises provide a degree of marketing support–particularly in the area of national advertising and name recognition–that’s extremely difficult for individuals to match.

In the long run, you’ll likely invest far less money operating as an independent service than as part of a franchise. Also, as an independent, you’re not tied to any pre-established formulas for concept, name, services offered, etc. That’s both an advantage and a drawback. The advantage is that you can do things your way. The drawback is that you have no guidelines to follow. Everything you do, from defining your market to cleaning a bathtub, is a result of trial and error. As an independent owner, you must research every aspect of the business, both before and during your business’s lifetime, so you’ll start right and adapt to market changes.

Start Your Own Cleaning Business, 3rd Edition

Target Market
Most of the cleaning service operators we spoke with used personal savings to start their businesses, then reinvested their early profits to fund growth.

What’s Inside
Target Market
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If you need to purchase equipment, you should be able to find financing, especially if you can show that you’ve put some of your own cash into the business. Beyond traditional financing, you have a range of options when it comes to raising money. Some suggestions:

Your own resources. Do a thorough inventory of your assets. People generally have more assets than they immediately realize. This could include savings accounts, equity in real estate, retirement accounts, vehicles, recreation equipment, collections and other investments. You may opt to sell assets for cash or use them as collateral for a loan. Take a look, too, at your personal line of credit. Many a successful business has been started with credit cards.

Friends and family. The next logical step after gathering your own resources is to approach friends and relatives who believe in you and want to help you succeed. Be cautious with these arrangements; no matter how close you are, present yourself professionally, put everything in writing, and be sure the individuals you approach can afford to take the risk of investing in your business. Never ask a friend or family member to invest or loan you money they can’t afford to lose.

Partners. Using the “strength in numbers” principle, look around for someone who may want to team up with you in your venture. You may choose someone who has financial resources and wants to work side-by-side with you in the business. Or you may find someone who has money to invest but no interest in doing the actual work. Be sure to create a written partnership agreement that clearly defines your respective responsibilities and obligations.

Government programs. Take advantage of the abundance of local, state and federal programs designed to support small businesses. Make your first stop the U.S. Small Business Administration; then investigate various other programs. Women, minorities and veterans should check out niche financing possibilities designed to help these groups get into business. The business section of your local library is a good place to begin your research.

Start Your Own Cleaning Business, 3rd Edition

A Homebased Location
One of the hottest business trends today is to be homebased, and cleaning services are excellent candidates for this type of setup. After all, your customers will likely never come to your facility since all your work is done on their premises. But that’s not the only issue influencing your decision to operate from a homebased office or a commercial location.

Many municipalities have ordinances that limit the nature and volume of commercial activities that can occur in residential areas. Some outright prohibit the establishment of homebased businesses. Others may allow such enterprises but place restrictions regarding issues such as signage, traffic, employees, commercially marked vehicles and noise. Before you apply for your business license, find out what ordinances govern homebased businesses; you may need to adjust your plan to be in compliance.

What’s Inside
Target Market
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Opening a Commercial Location
Many industry veterans believe that in order to achieve authentic business growth, you must get out of the home and into a commercial facility. Certainly, doing so will help you create a successful and professional image, but before you begin shopping for an office, think carefully about what you’ll need.

Your office area should be large enough to have a small reception area, work space for yourself and your administrative staff, and a storage area for equipment and supplies. You may also want to have space for a laundry and possibly even a small work area where you can handle minor equipment repairs. Depending on the size of your staff, consider allowing for a small break area.

Regardless of the type of cleaning business you have, remember that chances are slim that your customers will ever come to your office. So look for a facility that meets your operational needs and is in a reasonably safe location, but don’t pay for a prestigious address–it’s just not worth it.

Because your work is done at your customers’ sites, vehicles are as important to your business as the location of your office. In fact, your vehicles are essentially your company on wheels. They need to be carefully chosen and well-maintained to adequately serve and represent you.

For a maid service, an economy car or station wagon should suffice. You need enough room to store equipment and supplies, and to transport your cleaning teams, but you typically won’t be hauling around pieces of equipment large enough to require a van or small truck.

You can either provide vehicles or have employees use their own. If you provide the vehicles, paint your company’s name, logo and telephone number on them. This advertises your business all over town. If your employees use their own cars–which is particularly common with maid services–ask for evidence that they have sufficient insurance to cover them in the event of an accident. Also, confirm with your insurance agent that your own liability policy protects you under those circumstances.

The type of vehicles you’ll need for a janitorial service depends on the size and type of equipment you use as well as the size and number of your crews. An economy car or station wagon could work if you’re doing relatively light cleaning in smaller offices, but for most janitorial businesses, you’re more likely to need a truck or van.

For carpet cleaning services, you’ll need a truck or van, either new or used, for each service person and his or her equipment. A good used truck will cost about $10,000, while a new one will run from $18,000 up.

kitchen cleaning

The ultimate kitchen cleaning plan that will leave it absolutely gleaming

We all strive to keep our kitchen cleaning and tidy on a regular basis, but doing a deep clean once spring hits is a must. If you’re not sure where to start, Charles the Butler has the ultimate step-by-step plan to give your kitchen a good deep clean. 


  1. Make sure you have counter space to pull everything out.
  2. Have a sink with hot water, soap etc. to wash the inside of the refrigerator and then also all of the shelves.
  3. You need a place for the shelves etc. to dry
  4. Make sure you have supplies to disinfect the refrigerator. Keep in mind that vinegar is not a disinfectant, it reduces bacteria, but it does not disinfect.
  5. Once the refrigerator has been cleaned and disinfected, put it back together.
  6. All items should be wiped down and dates checked before they are put back.


  1. Pull the stove apart and start soaking what needs to be soaked.
  2. Spray the inside of the oven, either with a baking soda paste or chemical of your choice.
  3. Wash the entire appliance with warm water and a cream cleanser. Don’t forget to get the outside!


  1. Wipe down the door gasket and make sure it’s clean.
  2. Check the filter at the bottom and see if it needs to be washed. If so, used hot water and soap. 
  3. Run a dishwashing cycle with calcium remover if needed in your area.
  4. Run a dishwashing cycle with vinegar to help clean it out.


  1. Pull things out of cupboards and get rid of stuff you don’t ever use or need. Do you really use all those plastic containers?
  2. Wash inside of cupboards with warm water and a bit of dish soap in pail, the inside is not really dirty, but dusty and just needs a good wipe down.
  3. Wipe items down or run them through the dishwasher as needed.
  4. Put things back in categories like bakeware together, storage containers together, glasses, dishes etc.
  5. Keep in mind things you use often should be easy to access but things that you only use one a year (like a turkey roasting pan for Thanksgiving) can go in difficult to access spaces or maybe in another room if you don’t have space like your garage, basement, guest bedroom closet.
  6. Go through all of the food you pulled out, and get rid of anything that is expired.
  7. Wipe down all containers from the cupboards.
  8. Put things back in categories like all condiments, baking, flour, spices etc.
  9. Vacuum top of all cupboards. If you have items up there, they will need to be washed as well.
  10. Wipe down the outside of the cupboards with warm water and soap, and rinse.


  1. Remove all dishes and leftover food and rise with water.
  2. Start to wash out the sink using baking soda if needed.
  3. Use hot water and rinse.
  4. Dry with a hand towel and rise the surrounding area.


  1. Sweep or vacuum floors to get all dust and debris off the floor.
  2. Wash floor with hot water and soap, move furniture as needed to do this.
  3. Rinse floor with hot water and let dry before walking on it again. 

floor cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Floors look better and last longer with JAN-PRO®. Our commercial floor cleaning services include hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and cleaning services for specialty flooring. Whether you’re looking for day-to-day floor cleaning, a one-time deep clean, or refinishing services, you’ll find the services you need with JAN-PRO. We offer the expertise, products, and technologies that modern businesses need to keep floors looking their best year after year. Inspire confidence in clients and customers and delay the need for costly renovations by choosing JAN-PRO for commercial floor cleaning.

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

JAN-PRO commercial floor cleaning services cover a wide range of different flooring types, including different styles of hard floors and carpeting. Our hard floor cleaning services include cleaning and/or refinishing for surfaces such as laminate flooring, tile and grout, hardwood, natural stone, sealed or unsealed concrete, and rubber. Our carpet cleaning services include cleaning for loop pile and cut pile carpets of any pile height.

Floors need regular cleaning and care to maintain their appearance and reduce wear, and most flooring types need deep cleaning or refinishing at least once a year. JAN-PRO offers commercial floor cleaning services for day-to-day cleaning, plus separate services for deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing.

Our day-to-day floor cleaning services use HEPA-filter vacuums and microfiber mop pads to capture more dirt, dust, and grime than other cleaning providers, giving your floors a spotless, sparkling appearance. Deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing services are performed using specialized equipment and cleaning products. These services help remove deep-seated grit and tough stains, restoring the beauty and luster of hard floors.

Commercial floor cleaning services from JAN-PRO are customized to each client’s individual needs. Our services can be tailored to the type of flooring you need cleaned, the square footage of your facility, the amount of traffic your floors are exposed to, and a range of other factors. We create customized cleaning solutions to help minimize the impact of floor cleaning on your bottom line, your day-to-day operations, and any specific cleaning concerns you may have.

Why JAN-PRO for Commercial Floor Cleaning?

There’s a lot that sets JAN-PRO apart from other commercial floor cleaning providers. Our exclusive systems — including JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, JAN-PRO Technics®, and JAN-PRO® Tracker — ensure a smarter, deeper, more reliable clean. Healthcare facilities turn to our MedMetrix® system to keep their floors safe and hygienic. Other businesses rely on our EnviroShield® system to disinfect and deodorize flooring, including fibrous and porous flooring materials. By having all cleaning services performed by your local JAN-PRO owner-operator, instead of contract cleaners, we offer a level of service and client care unique in the commercial cleaning industry.

Wood Floor Cleaner in Cincinnati, OH
The Teasdale Fenton deep-cleaning process extracts dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that weaken hardwood floors. Our process doesn’t just clean the surface, like most systems and products. It extracts dirt hidden deep within and in between the boards of hardwood floors. After cleaning, the maintenance coating we apply will protect and extend the life of your floors while restoring their beauty and luster. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your hardwood can look, and how quickly we can make it happen.

No mess, no odors
Safe for your family
Be back on your floor within an hour
Most homeowners have a misconception that hardwood is indestructible and very durable. That is not always the case. The good news is that, with proper maintenance, wood floors can last for years. Their lifespan can be shortened, however, by using discount cleaning products that include oil and wax.

The oil is what gives the floor a shine. Once oil is applied and the shine goes away, many homeowners choose to add more cleaning product. This will leave layers of oil and dirt on the floor that need to be buffed and recoated to be removed. That creates a cleaning challenge for homeowners.

Teasdale Fenton, on the other hand, offers a unique buff-and-recoat option that will get your floors clean and shining quickly. A buff and recoat consists of applying a dissolver which will remove the oils and waxes. We then come in with a scrubber to scrub the floor and remove all of the old oil and wax. Once this is complete, we re-coat the floor with a urethane product to make the floor look new again. The benefits to the customer include:

Sandless, no mess
Satin or gloss finish
Restores finish to shiny and new
Cheaper alternative to sanding and refinishing

Teasdale Fenton Provides Wood Floor Cleaning in Cincinnati
When it is time to return some luster to your hardwood floors in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, it is time to call the cleaning professionals from Teasdale Fenton. Contact us online or call us at 513-952-8212 to get a free estimate or learn more about our services.

cleaning product


cleaning product , Lye and sodium hydroxide, which are corrosive and can burn skin and eyes, are ingredients in many oven cleaners. Aerosol spray oven cleaners are easily inhaled into lung tissue.

Prevent spills from being baked onto the oven floor by lining it with aluminum foil, and by cleaning them up before they have had time to dry and cook. To remove grease and charred food residues without resorting to caustic chemicals, try soaking oven surfaces overnight in a mixture of water, baking soda, and soap, then scrubbing off with baking soda and a soapy sponge. Or a paste of washing soda and water may do the trick, but be sure to wear gloves when working with washing soda.

If you choose to buy a commercial cleaner, try any of the scouring powders and creams we recommend on the next page.


Some scouring powders contain silica, which is harmful when inhaled, as the abrasive scrubbing agent. And some are made with chlorine bleach, which may irritate skin and airways and will form hazardous gases if mixed with ammonia or acidic cleaners.

Baking soda effectively scours away most grime on tubs, showers, toilets, and countertops. For cleaning up grease, c cleaning product Annie Berthold-Bond recommends applying a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of washing soda, 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon liquid soap, and 2 cups of hot water with a spray bottle. Wear gloves when working with washing soda, though. Or try the brands below. Bon Ami can be found in grocery stores; look for the others at natural foods stores.

Bon Ami Cleaning Cake,

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder,

Earth Friendly Cream Cleanser,, 800/335-ECOS

Ecover Cream Cleaner,, 800/449-4925

Seventh Generation Cream Cleaner,


Skin contact with furniture polishes can cause irritation, and many brands contain nerve-damaging petroleum distillates, which are flammable and dangerous if swallowed. Some formulations may contain formaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen. Aerosol spray furniture polishes are easily inhaled into lung tissue.

For dusting and polishing, combine a mix of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1 teaspoon olive oil (or less, if this ratio leaves your wood furniture too oily). Or look for solvent-free products that use plant oils as the active polish. Look for Earth Friendly at natural foods stores, or order by mail.

Earth Friendly Furniture Polish,, 800/335-ECOS


Metal polishes may contain nerve-damaging petroleum distillates or lung-irritating ammonia, potentially irritating eyes, skin or airways during use.

Instead, try scrubbing silver with toothpaste to remove tarnish. For copper, dissolve salt in white vinegar or lemon juice and rub on with a cloth; rinse with water. Unlacquered brass may be scrubbed clean with a paste of 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup white vinegar, and 1 cup flour. Or try these less-toxic brands below, which may be found at hardware, home improvement or grocery stores.

Our House Works Minerals and Metals Cleaner,, 877/236-8750

Twinkle Copper Polish,, 800/253-2526

Twinkle Silver Polish,, 800/253-2526

One old-fashioned method of polishing silver involves placing tarnished items in warm water with aluminum foil, salt, and baking soda. However, in Buy Smart, Buy Safe, Philip Dickey of the Washington Toxics Coalition warns that this mixture gives off hydrogen sulfide gas, low levels of which can cause eye and throat irritation, coughing and shortness of breath.


Most mainstream dishwashing detergents are petroleum-based, contributing to the depletion of this non-renewable resource and to our nation’s dependence on imported oil. Look for plant-based detergents instead. Opt for colorless liquids: Dyes can be contaminated with heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, and may penetrate the skin during washing and leave impurities on dishes.

Powdered detergents for automatic dishwashers can contain phosphates, which overnutrify rivers and streams, causing excessive algae growth that deprives fish of oxygen. Those made with chlorine can release steamy chlorinated chemicals into the air when the dishwasher is opened at the end of the wash cycle.

These eco-friendlier brands below can be found at natural foods stores or ordered by mail.

Bio Pac Dishwashing Powder,, 800/225-2855

BioShield Dishwasher Concentrate,, 800/621-2591

Cal Ben Seafoam Destain,, 800/340-7091

Cal Ben Seafoam Dish Glow,, 800/340-7091

Earth Friendly Dishmate,, 800/335-ECOS

Ecover Dish Liquid,, 800/449-4925

Ecover Washing-Up Liquids,, 800/449-4925

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets,, 800/449-4925

Naturally Yours Gentle Soap, 888/801-7347

Naturally Yours Dishwashing Detergent, 888/801-7347

Our House Works Dishwasher Complete,, 877/236-8750

Seventh Generation Dish Liquids,

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Powder,

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Gel,

Shaklee Basic-D Automatic Dishwashing Concentrate,, 800/SHAKLEE


Disinfectants are EPA-regulated pesticides that kill bacteria. Although they temporarily kill germs on surfaces, they cannot kill germs in the air, and they do not provide long-lasting disinfection. Some disinfectant cleaners were found to contain alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) in tests conducted in 1997 by the Washington Toxics Coalition. APEs are suspected hormone disruptors that don’t readily biodegrade, threatening fish and wildlife when they go down your drain. And triclosan, the active ingredient in most antibacterial soaps, was detected in 57.6% of stream water samples from across the U.S., according to a May 2002 study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

It’s sensible to try to eradicate some food-poisoning bacteria, such as Salmonella and E.coli, but society’s sometimes excessive fear of germs is leading to serious global consequences. Coupled with overuse and misuse of antibiotics in medicine and in livestock, rampant use of antibacterial soaps and other germ-killing products is contributing to a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to a 2000 World Health Organization report. As a result, physicians are losing one of their most important tools in fighting infectious diseases, as bacteria that cause illnesses such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, ear infections, meningitis, and Staph infections grow increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatment. (See “Who’s to Blame When Antibiotics Don’t Work?” from The Green Guide #71)

Unless you have a compromised immune system or illness that may make you especially vulnerable to infection from microbes and bacteria, you probably don’t need a disinfectant for most household needs. Household surfaces can be adequately cleaned using hot, soapy water and a little elbow grease. To avoid food-borne illness: Wash all foods thoroughly before preparation, and be sure to soak leafy greens, rinsing at least three times. Cook meat and eggs thoroughly (no rare beef or over-easy scrambles). Eat only fresh fish, and thaw frozen meats in the refrigerator. Wash all cutting boards, dishes, knives and other surfaces that touch raw meat or eggs in hot, soapy water before using on other foods that will not be cooked. Refrigerate foods within two hours of cooking.

Earth Power’s Power Herbal Disinfectant is hospital-grade and EPA-registered and contains only herbal extracts, deionized water, and denatured alcohol. However, it does not kill all food-borne pathogens.

Power Herbal Disinfectant,, 712/647-2755


Because they can trigger allergies and potentially cause other health problems, we recommend against the use of synthetically fragranced air fresheners, particularly from aerosol spray bottles. Aerosol sprays produce tiny droplets that are easily inhaled and absorbed into the body, and their propellants, usually butane and propane, are flammable. Fragrances can provoke asthmatic or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. But aerosol air fresheners may also be linked to other, less obvious health effects. In a September 1999 study in New Scientist, researchers at Bristol University recommended caution in using aerosols and air fresheners, after finding that they might be making pregnant women and children sick. In their survey of 14,000 pregnant women, they found that in homes where aerosols and air fresheners were used frequently, mothers suffered from 25% more headaches and 19% more depression, and infants under six months had 30% more ear infections and 22% higher incidence of diarrhea. Another worry is that small children might be tempted to taste air fresheners that smell like fruit or candy. In 2000, 9,887 of the 11,935 reports of hazardous exposures to air fresheners received by U.S. Poison Control Centers involved children under six.

To clear out odors, improve ventilation by opening windows and using fans. Baking soda is good at removing odors, and spritzes of lemon or any citrus fruit freshen air. Wooden cedar blocks, pure essential oils, or sachets of natural dried flowers or herbs (such as aromatic roses, lavender, and lemon verbena) provide gentler fragrance. Read labels: Look out for potpourri that lists “fragrance” as an ingredient, and especially avoid deodorizer blocks that contain paradichlorobenzene, a carcinogen, as a moth repellent.

Aroma Naturals essential oil aromatic room mists,, 800-462-7662.

EcoDaySpa Natural palm wax candles,, 626-969-3707.

Greenridge Herbals’ aromatherapy soy candles,, 866-250-HERB.

Lavender Green,, 703-684-4433.

Molly’s Herbals,

The Scented Room Provence Potpourri,, 208-342-8504).

Vermont Soy Candles,, 888-727-1903.


Swiffer dry cloths are made of polyester and polypropylene and work well to pick up dust and grime from most household surfaces. Swiffer wet cloths, however are treated with propylene glycol n-propyl ether and may irritate skin and aggravate known skin conditions.
Swiffer Dusters,

carpet cleaning

The Ultimate Guide On Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

The question most asked by people about professional carpet cleaning, is how long it takes for their carpets to dry.  They seem to have heard horror stories about getting cheap carpet cleaning services that leave carpets damp for several days. But usually this problem is due to application of the wrong carpet cleaning technique. When steam cleaning is done properly, the carpet should be completely dry within 24 hours.

Carpet drying time varies according to the condition and type of the carpet. Some carpets have different textures and fibers so it will take a lot longer. Heavily soiled and deep plush carpets will always take longer to dry. Wool carpet absorbs more water than synthetic carpets. On the other hand, nylon, a synthetic material, absorbs almost no water so the water remains on the surface, making it feel wetter to the touch.

The amount of soil in the carpet also determines the time needed to dry. If it is too dirty and saturated with soil, then it will require more effort and liquid to break the soil loose.

Another thing to consider is the humidity and temperature of the room. With humid conditions or on cold days, it could take significantly longer to dry. Air movement is restricted hence evaporation is slower. This is due to the air containing much more water than the usual which slows down and resists absorption of moisture. Warm air, on the other hand, moves more quickly and causes evaporation to be faster, such as a occurs with a hair dryer. Hot, dry air dries your hair faster than cold air. Since we are on the topic of hair, we can also say that as longer hair dries more slowly than short hair, a shaggy carpet will require more drying time than low pile carpet.

The methodology used also plays a great role in determining if carpets will dry faster. Low moisture methods such as encapsulation are used by some carpet cleaning companies. Since less water is used, then it will also take shorter time to dry. However, encapsulation only works well on lightly soiled carpets and not on heavily soiled carpets. It is also not effective against urine, vomit, and pet accidents. Improper equipment can also affect the time it takes for the carpets to dry. Deep cleaning truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are far more expensive than regular cleaning machines but are much more efficient at removing moisture. For example, AJS Carpet Cleaning Provouses truck mounted equipment that is ten times more powerful than rented carpet machines.

Our carpet cleaning system uses top of the line technology that is designed to extract the most moisture possible. Our cleaning wands have a visual indicator that tells us how much water is passing through, so we can determine if we have extracted all of the remaining water. You may also request air movers or blowers to accelerate drying and reduce waiting time.

AJS Carpet Cleaning Provo will do everything necessary to make sure the carpets will be thoroughly clean and as dry as possible before they leave your residence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 801 368-0705.Comments Off on The Ultimate Guide on Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

ac cleaning

Should I Clean or Replace My Air Ducts?

Worker holding dirty air duct vent
Can air ducts get too dirty for ac cleaning? Angie Hicks talks about air duct replacement costs.
Dear Angie: We have had a problem with dust in our 2-year-old house. We had someone come and inspect our air ducts to see if they needed to be cleaned. His inspection revealed that we had a lot of dust in our coils and air ducts. He said the most likely reason for the amount of dust is that the builder ran the ac cleaning unit without air filters in place.

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He recommended that we clean the coil, remove and clean the blower and replace at least 25 air ducts. He recommended replacing the air ducts rather than cleaning them because the air ducts were made of plastic and they were difficult to clean properly. The estimated cost is more than $10,000 and could be more for the air duct replacement cost. Is it common to replace your air ducts because they are too dirty to clean properly? – Name and city withheld by request

air duct technician using hose to clean air duct
Investigate air duct cleaning companies before hiring to avoid unscrupulous contractors. (Photo courtesy of Marion White)

Dear Anonymous: There are a number of factors that determine whether you can clean or need to repair your air ducts. The first is the type of ductwork you have. In most cases, most types of ductwork can be easily cleaned, especially in a newer home.

Metal ductwork with no interior lining can almost assuredly be cleaned. If the ducting is constructed of fiber board, though, it cannot be cleaned as easily. If the contamination is severe, it likely needs to be replaced.

However, you say your ducts are made of plastic, which I’m inclined to believe means you have flexible ductwork. Flex ductwork is typically made of a wire coil covered by a thin, flexible plastic wall and wrapped in insulation and foil backing. If the flex ducts only have dust or debris, they should be able to be easily cleaned by a qualified professional with the right tools. However, if the flex ducts have mold growth — depending on the level of contamination — they could need to be replaced.

Before you agree to an air duct cleaning — or decide to replace instead, if that’s necessary — it’s important that you find the source of the dust. Every duct system has some residual dust, regardless of how well it is cleaned, but because your home was only recently constructed, it shouldn’t need a duct cleaning so soon.

How to tell if your air ducts need to be cleaned
However, there are exceptions to that. If the builder ran the heating and cooling system during the construction phase, that could certainly be at the root of the issue. It’s also possible the entire HVAC system needs to be better sealed. Air leakages can draw additional dirt and dust into the system. Hire a contractor to conduct a blower door test to help you determine exactly where any leaks could be occurring.

It all really comes back to how well the system was installed. Some reputable air duct cleaning companies have told me they’ve seen new houses where the systems and ducts are so poorly done that they require re-engineering and a major renovation, but few recommend a total replacement. Unfortunately, some companies use scare tactics, like saying there is mold present, to oversell unnecessary air duct replacement or cleaning.

My advice is to do your research and find at least two more companies that have a solid reputation and specialize in air duct systems. Many companies offer multiple services, including carpet and chimney cleaning, but you really need someone who focuses solely on air duct systems and is in good standing with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Look for credible online reviews and testimonials from clients to get a feel for how these companies resolve issues like yours and ask for detailed estimates so you can compare apples to apples.

cleaning service


When you care about your cleaning service, you go out of your way to make sure that it’s always running smoothly. This means you probably put all kinds of energy into your payroll, human resources, and other departments. Here’s a question for you though: how often do you think about the physical space that your employees inhabit on a daily basis? Most managers are too caught up in the day to day workings of their company to pay much attention to the conditions of their actual offices, but this is an important factor that should never be overlooked. Imagine, if you will, an office that is never cleaned or properly maintained. Do you think much work would get done if people had to come to work everyday amidst stains and debris? Probably not, but that’s exactly the kind of situation you can find yourself in if you never have the office cleaned.

Of course, you can’t be bothered to cleaning service by yourself, and your employees have jobs to do so you probably can’t ask them to pick up mops and brooms. You might be lucky enough to have some custodial staff, but even if this is true there are certain circumstances that call for a bit of extra firepower. When you end up in a situation that requires a dedicated deep cleaning, who can you call? Fortunately, it’s possible to find a company in either Mount Maunganui and Tauranga who can offer effective cleaning for commercial purposes.
Reliable office cleaning in Mount Maunganui and Tauranga requires a couple of things: first of all, it needs to be carried out by people who really care about the work they do. You can’t pay somebody to clean your office if they aren’t thoroughly experienced with the particulars of commercial cleaning work. Dealing with a locally owned and operated company is also a smart move, since it maximises your chances of dealing with people who take a personalised approach to every job.

Choose HSC Cleaning for a Thorough Clean

HSC Cleaning abides by some of the highest cleaning standards in the industry, so that our customers can always rely on the quality of our service. As a full service cleaning company, we can also save you from having to hire multiple contractors when you need your office cleaned. We can clean your carpets, polish your floors, scrub your ceilings, wash your windows, clean your concrete paths, and much more.


HSC Cleaning isn’t a franchise, so we’re free to offer each of our clients the individual treatments that they need. This means that we don’t use some kind of general formula when cleaning your office—we pay strict attention to detail and abide by the needs of each and every space in which we work. We also have considerable experience cleaning hard floors, and can easily strip and seal vinyl surfaces to make them fresh again.